ChatGPT Instructions

On this page you will find some instructions and ideas for using in S2B AI Assistant wordpress plugin . To use them you have two options:

  • Enter manually into ‘Text to be changed’ field
  • Store instruction into database and then select it in metabox

Also you can use instruction outside our plugin anywhere you want.

  1. Correct any grammatical errors in the document.
  2. Improve the clarity and readability of this passage.
  3. Paraphrase the text without changing the meaning.
  4. Add more details and examples to support the main argument.
  5. Simplify the language to make it more accessible.
  6. Remove any redundant information.
  7. Rewrite the following paragraph to make it more concise.
  8. Remove unnecessary jargon and technical terms.
  9. Make the tone of this text more formal.
  10. Adjust the tone to be more authoritative.
  11. Rewrite this sentence to convey a sense of urgency.
  12. Add a personal anecdote to make the content more relatable.
  13. Rewrite this paragraph to evoke a specific emotion (e.g., joy, empathy, curiosity).
  14. Restructure the text for better flow.
  15. Replace repetitive words and phrases.
  16. Revise the introduction to make it more engaging.
  17. Check for and correct any spelling mistakes.
  18. Rewrite this sentence to be more concise and clear.
  19. Improve the overall organization and structure of the content.
  20. Add a relevant example to illustrate this text.
  21. Shorten this sentence without changing its meaning.
  22. Adjust the language to appeal to a specific target audience (e.g., teenagers, professionals, parents).
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